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Mellow Doodles was born in June 2017 and for quite a while it was just a side business whilst I painted portraits full time.⁣

Then, in October 2018, I decided to leave my art behind and go full time on Mellow Doodles.⁣

It was a gut feeling. A feeling that if I took the plunge, it could turn in to something magical. Watching the Mellow Doodles pages grow on social media, reading the kind messages from people who have found comfort in the illustrations and posting packages all over the world makes me feel so grateful that I listened to that instinct!

Mellow Doodles was born for one main reason. I’d left my job as an art teacher in 2016 because of my mental health and I wanted to turn the hardest time in my life into something positive - to help others and to keep me going too. ⁣

Over the last 2 years of working on this brand and business full time, so much has happened. At the time of writing, the Instagram page has over 140,000 followers and my mental health messages are reaching people all over the world. I've worked for incredible companies and charities such as Time To Change and ITV. Happy, pink packages filled with Mellow Doodles goodies are shipped all over the world every single week. And there's so much more to come!

Thank you for being on this journey with me - whether you're new here or you've supported Mellow Doodles from the tiniest of beginnings, I'm so grateful for you!

Love and hugs,

Melissa x