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Self Kindness Ideas

A short reflection on the above illustration:

We see the phrase “be kind to yourself” a lot don’t we? But sometimes it can feel hard to know what that really means. Especially if we’re in the habit of doing the opposite. ⁣

Being kind to myself is probably the single most effective strategy for improving my mental health. It sounds simple but it’s actually been a complete overhaul of how I treat, speak and behave towards myself. ⁣

Seemingly small behaviours like the above get you in to the habit of recognising your own needs. All of these small things add up. In the end it means that your self kindness becomes unconscious. And that is why it’s so important to start with practical, conscious steps.⁣

These are only ideas. They might look different for you.

Think about the things in your life which bring you pain, shame or unhappiness. What small steps could you make to ease those feelings?

What would you do differently in every area of your life if you were consciously deciding to be kind to yourself instead?

Take it one step at a time and it will soon add up to a whole new, radically improved life. ⁣


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