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Too many ideas for Instagram and no idea where to focus your energy?

No inspiration or ideas and stuck in a creative rut?

Confusion on how to engage your audience?

Lack of motivation to post or create and need to feel excited about Instagram again?

Overwhelmed by all the possibilities and in need of some clarity?


All spaces are now booked.

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Prior to your Power Hour, I will analyse your account. During this time I will map out a strategy, content ideas and a clear direction for you.
I'll look at what's working well, where your strengths are and what you can build on. I'll also be super honest about anything that needs to change (or be cut completely!).
During your call, I'll talk you through my suggestions for your account. Depending on the type of account, this may look like:​
  • What sort of content you should create for your feed, highlights and stories. How to make this shareable, engaging and valuable to your audience.
  • How to build trust and connection with your audience.
  • A recommended weekly schedule.
  • Caption and hashtag suggestions.
  • Photography or design tips.
  • App and website recommendations to help you design, plan or create.
  • Branding and design ideas to create a strong, consistent image.
After your call, my analysis, strategy and ideas will be emailed to you in a concise document for you to refer back to - so you don't need to worry about forgetting all the juicy details from our call!
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Anyone who wants to grow their following!

  • Artists/illustrators/creatives

  • Home/lifestyle accounts

  • Aspiring or up and coming influencers

  • Small businesses and brands

When booking, you'll be asked to state the goal for your account. Whether you want to get more sales, more bookings, reach more customers or grow a larger audience for your content - I can help.


  • I grew my account from 2k to 10k in 3 months. And from 10k to 90k in just a year. All organically with no ads.

  • I've been there, done it and learnt what works and what doesn't. I know how it feels to be confused, overwhelmed and uninspired by Instagram and I've learnt how to use it as a successful business tool which is exciting to use instead!

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  • I have a degree in Creative Advertising (BA Hons). This means I'm trained in art direction, copywriting, branding and marketing strategies. All of which I apply to Instagram.

  • I'm a qualified teacher (PGCE) which means I can teach and support you in a professional and engaging way.

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  • Over the last 9 years I've run businesses, with social media being my sole marketing tool throughout this time. I've made mistakes, I've learnt what works and my brain is bursting with ideas I'd love to share with you. I've utilised Instagram to create a successful business that allows me to work on my passion full time, support myself financially and live a fulfilled life. Whether you're a business, brand or influencer, I want to help you achieve the same.

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A one to one session is £150. This includes a pre-call analysis and strategy creation by myself, your one hour long video call plus a written collection of the ideas and tips discussed on our call.


This is an investment in your growth, completely tailored to your account. It is specific, actionable and personalised.


If the advice is followed, you can expect an increase in sales, bookings, engagements or collaborations. Plus, so much time saved experimenting, agonising or learning from sources which are not relevant to you and your account.

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When are you available?

After selecting 'Book Now' you'll be directed to my calendar where you can view my availability. It's limited so grab that spot!

I'm not in the UK, can I book?

Of course! Please just be aware that the times shown are in GMT. Make sure you select your timezone before choosing your time slot!

How will the video call work?

All sessions will be on Zoom. It is a free app available on both Apple and Android phones. After booking, you will be sent an email confirmation with our Meeting ID - this is what you will use to join the call in the app.

Can you guarantee that my following will grow?

Unfortunately not - I'll give you the advice and strategies but you're the one who will have to put it into action! I wouldn't be offering this service unless I truly believed I could bring you heaps of value. What I can promise you is clarity, focus and ideas. If you implement these ideas and you're consistent, you'll be on the road to success.

How can I ask another question?

Send us an email here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!