The Weekly Planner Pad

The Weekly Planner Pad

Does your brain feel like it's about to burst with all the to-do's you need to remember?

This A4 desk pad was a game changer for me and helped me get back to being productive!


It was created when I was struggling to get anything done.

My mind was so overwhelmed, I'd end up freezing and getting nothing done at all.


Instead, I chose to focus on just 3 to do's per day. This was do-able! And, like magic, I found myself able to actually take on those 3 tasks.


The 'If I have time' section is a guilt-free zone - if you're feeling like superwoman, go for it. If you're having a wobbly day, you know this was a strech goal anyway.


The perfect planner to encourage a little more self-kindness whilst helping you focus on the most important stuff.


  • A4 in size (similar to US Letter size)
  • 21 x 14.8cm (8.27 x 11.69in)
  • 50 full colour sheets
  • Glued edge to tear off when you're finished
  • Cardboard backing for sturdiness