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Are They Happy For You?

Questions to consider:

  • Are the people in your life able to be happy for you without making it about them?⁣

  • Do you feel guilty for something good happening?⁣

  • Do you have to dampen your joy to make them comfortable?⁣

Notice the responses and reactions from people for clues on:⁣

  • The balance in your relationship/friendship.⁣

  • How they feel about themselves.⁣

  • How they make YOU feel about yourself.⁣

Remember that:⁣

  • You do not have to justify your life choices as an adult to anyone. (Yes, really.)⁣

  • You do not have to shrink yourself or diminish your accomplishments for the comfort of others.⁣

  • You do not have to dampen your joy to quiet the insecurities of others.⁣


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