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Lockdown Life

I know a lot of people have found the isolation of lockdowns this past year awful.

But I also know there are lots of people who are nervous about returning to “normal” because they’ve found something in lockdown life that they were missing before.⁣

This message is for them.

We all work differently - and we all need different things too. It’s so important we don’t judge people’s responses and accept these differences.⁣

One example is introverts and extroverts. ⁣

To put it simply, extroverts get energy from being around others 📈(so will have found lockdowns hard) whereas introverts find their energy diminishes when they’re around others and need alone time in order to recharge 📉⁣

Because it’s more socially acceptable to be an extrovert, I think introverts often end up feeling ashamed for feeling how they do. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s how you’re wired. And there’s lots of us who feel exactly the same way.⁣

If, for example, you’ve found the increased opportunity to recharge a comfort or a relief, start to think about how you can incorporate more of that in your life when things return to the “norm”.

This might mean increased communication with people to let them know why you aren’t able to socialise as much as them or it might mean being more assertive and having stronger boundaries. ⁣

This is your opportunity to figure out what your needs are and to work towards meeting them. You deserve to have your needs met. ❤️⁣


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