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"I Should..."

“I should be more productive."

"I should be skinnier."

"I should have more money."

"I should be more successful by now.”

These are the kind of statements I’m talking about.

What sort of “I should’s” does your inner critic hand out?

So much of what we think we should be or do is coming from other people’s beliefs - maybe our family or friends, maybe people on the internet. And some of it is society’s expectations and rigid rules. But you are allowed to think differently.

You know yourself, your strengths, your limitations, your experiences and the stuff you’re facing right now. You have your own internal beliefs, morals and principles. Your own feelings and your own ideas.

As soon as you hear that voice saying “I should...” it needs to anchor up a huge red flag in your mind. 🚩

Stop your thoughts.

Decide whose belief it really is and remind yourself what YOU want and what YOU believe.

I’m working on this right now and I’m so excited to start properly and fully living life on my terms.


Prints of this illustration are available in my shop here!


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