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Practical Ways To Help

If you have a friend or loved one who is really struggling right now, I hope this illustration will give you some ideas on how you can help.

Signs they’re really struggling:⁣

  • They’ve been signed off from work.⁣

  • They’ve recently been diagnosed.⁣

  • They’ve stopped showing up for social occasions.⁣

  • They’re not answering calls/texts.⁣

  • They’re quieter or less engaged than usual. ⁣

I know it can be scary and you might not know what to say. You feel helpless and you want them to know you care. So helping practically will help give you a clear role in supporting them.

These may seem so basic to people who haven’t experienced something like depression, but these everyday tasks seem like mountains to climb when you can barely function enough to face getting out of bed. Soon, the washing is piling up, the letters start arriving with URGENT stamped on them, there’s no clean cutlery left and the fridge is empty. When your brain is telling you you’re a terrible human and the world feels hopeless, this can be immensely overwhelming.

So take a lasagne over and show your friends they are loved in a practical way. Feeling loved is one of the greatest sources of hope and comfort in our difficult times. And you have the power to make people feel loved every day. How magical is that?


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