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You Deserve That Space

Do you suffer with imposter syndrome sometimes? It’s the feeling that you’re a fraud, or you’re not ‘enough’ in some sense to be in a position or a place you find yourself. Or that you’re not as good as other people think you are. In the last few weeks I’ve really been trying to pull myself up on it because it’s such a horrible, rubbish thing to feel. It’s super common. In fact, I’ve been researching it tonight and incredible people like Michelle Obama, Einstein and Maya Angelou used to feel it. I know. Mind blown.

I really feel like this is something which could hold some of us back from achieving magical, brilliant things that we totally deserve. I’m trying to give myself pep talks, remember and keep a record positive feedback as well as take seriously the lovely stuff people say to me. God, the world is rough enough without us being hard on ourselves too isn’t it?!


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